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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kazie Oz Pictures (Part VIII)

Sydney skyline from Benelong Point, the site of the Opera House.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge, opened in 1932, also from the Opera House. At the time it was, and maybe still is, the longest single span arch bridge in the world. If you can zoom far enough, people doing the arch climb are visible at the far left side and at the top near the flags.

Does this seem odd? Yes, In Oz we drive on the left. You'll see a train on the left side, and a separate lane on the far right, which is an expressway to the Eastern Suburbs. It used to be for the trams which were taken off the road in the 1960's. More climbers are visible on each side of the arch.

This shows both the bridge and the "uproar" house from the north side.

Opera House seen as I walked from Circular Quay towards it.

From the quay, showing one of the many ferries that ply the harbour.

One of my son's shots at night in 2006, from the north shore, or possibly under the bridge.

The bridge from the approach to the Opera house. Really, I do have some like these, only not digital. But I thought they were worth showing because I always used to love the challenge of taking night shots too.

Fort Denison or Pinchgut Island. A former island prison --though certainly no Alcatraz, and as the name suggests, also a fort in the middle of the harbor. The distance to shore would not be impossible for a strong swimmer, but the sharks would prevent a successful escape.

From Bennelong Point, looking towards the Botanical Gardens, location of the original settlement, where convicts tried to grow vegetables in conditions that were totally unlike any they had known in Britain. To the left is the skyline of some of the eastern suburbs.

From Kazie:

Above are my Sydney Harbour shots. The Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House are well known symbols of the city, but here I think you'll get a few different views of them. I'm including a couple taken by my son when he went in 2006, because they are night shots like those I took myself with 35mm film years ago.

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