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Monday, August 16, 2010

John Lampkin's "Into a Nest of Tree Swallows"

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Here are Mom and Dad Tree Swallow at the entrance to their box nest. The box top was old and beat up, allowing natural light to flood the inside so that no flash was necessary.

This is Mom on her nest, surrounded by the comfy feathers used to line the nest. She sure can SIT PRETTY. That is her eye you see, photographed from seven inches away.

Mom had to WALK ON EGGS, literally, and here they are. Only three of the five made it to adulthood.

Right after hatching, the chicks are featherless and all mouth!

The feathers came in pretty quickly, and it got very crowded in there.

This was taken in the morning just before they all fledged. The feathers are all in and this little one is ready for take off.

By that afternoon, all that was left was this empty nest, as seen through the front entrance.


The commentary and images above are excerpts from John Lampkin's "Into a Nest of a Tree Swallows". John is an avid Nature photographer. @2010 John Lampkin. If you are interested in John's photographs, music or other artistic work, please visit his website.

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