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Monday, December 12, 2011

Marti Europe Trip

A sausage stand at the Viktualeinmarkt (food market) in Munich.

Shopping for a new camera after mine died on the first day.

We went to a "Sautanz" (literally, "Pig dance") in the Burgenland region outside of Vienna one day. They slaughter a whole pig, and proceed to cook every piece of it in some way or other.

 Making fresh sausages. They were delicious, by the way!
Hand-blown glass ornaments in a stall at the Weinachtsmarkt (Christmas Market) in Vienna.

A view of the rathaus (Town hall) and the Christmas market in front.

Visiting dear friends in Vienna.
Schönbrunn castle, with another Christmas market lit up at night.

The PferdeSchwemme ("Horse wells") in Salzburg. Created by Bernhard Michael Mandl in 1700.

Our hotel in the middle of the old city in Innsbruck

A central theme of this trip was sampling different beers (DH) and wines (me)

The local friendly bar - we met lots of nice people in these places.

Walking along the top of the mountain in Innsbruck - at last, I found some sow!

This was not the result of too much beer...he was just laughing at my picture-taking attempts

One of the quaint stalls at the Christmas market.

An unusual bench in Winterthur

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