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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Peg Slay Crossword Corner Puzzle

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Our blog turns 8-year-old today! Constructor Peg Slay (C6D6 Peg) made a puzzle to celebrate this special occasion. 
1) Please click here for the PDF file. You should be able to see a Download button on top, to the right of Print.

2) Click here for Across Lite.

3) Click here to solve on line. 
4) Click here for the Answer Grid.
Thank you so much for the puzzle, Peg. My team and I are deeply honored by this amazing tribute. 
Thank you for your loyal support these years, everyone. Thanks for your honest & respectful feedback on each LAT puzzle, your daily random thoughts, your recipes and funny links. 


Lemonade714 said...

So cool.

Thank you

MJ said...

Wow! I missed this when it was first published over a year ago and just noticed it (and worked it) under "Curious Conundrums" today. What a great tribute puzzle! Thanks, Peg.